Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Glad She Told Me:

I'm glad she told me its not a joke cook book, because of course, Amy Sedaris cannot take joke cookbooks seriously. After reading this strange compilation of Sedaris's thoughts and advice I am not wholly convinced that she is capable of taking anything seriously. I do not make this assertion suggesting that this is a problem in any way. As a humorist, Sedaris proved extremely effective in this book. In our class discussion it was suggested that Sedaris made some elements of I Like You inaccessible to men. I am not a woman, but I have a mother. This simple fact seems to have allowed me to find much of this book perfectly accessible and hilarious; albeit embarrassing in appearence. I am absolutely sure I blushed a bright scarlet when I had to pick up my "special order" for I Like You from a male bookstore employee who was also a student. I'm sure he sees countless books and pieces of merchandise ever day, but Sedaris's turkey presentation cover is not one to go unnoticed.
In general I found Sedaris to be a keenly specific observer of humanity. She hashed out just about every social do and don't for attending and hosting parties that could have ever imagined. She outlines the process from start to finish with extraordinary attention to detail. It is clear that entertaining is her job.
I was also impressed by Sedaris's absolute honesty (apparent honesty at least). On page 48 she tells the story of how she met a man who would become her boyfriend of two years at a party she hosted. She told of how he got too drunk, dropped a watermellon on the floor and vomited in her bed. Her direct honesty was only surpassed by her indirect honesty. Her list of food suggestions to remedy the 'munchies' reeked of personal experience. I am confident that no sober cook, not even a cullinary virtuoso, would chose to dip Mozzarella sticks in Cool Whip or top a crispy cracker with partially chewed soft cracker. They certainly wouldn't eat an uncooked hotdog.
Amidst all of her hilarity, Sedaris managed to maintain an attitude and tone of absolute practicality. This made the book an extremely informative manual to life as a social host in addition to a great book of humor. I like You would make a great bathroom reader....if only it had fewer pictures of food.

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