Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Laughter is the best medicine

            I’m sure I am not alone when I say the affect of laughter on the body is not necessarily interesting to me.  I have never really been a science person and learning about energy and anatomy is not my cup of tea.  I guess I am one of those people who don’t need to understand why things are a certain way but rather accept that they are.  With that said, while I don’t fully understand (or care to) why laughter makes us feel so much better I completely agree that it does.

            I am an officer for Loyola’s Best Buddies chapter.  Best Buddies is a group that matches college students with adults who have developmental disabilities.  Every month an event is planned on campus for the members to interact and see their buddies and at least one other time during the month members are required to spend time with their buddy doing what we call a “one-to-one event”.  Gallagher services are where our buddies live and they are involved in a weekly bowling league. 

            Last Saturday, a group of members went to cheer on their buddies and offer them support as they bowled.  I will admit that I woke up extremely tired and became frustrated as the day began.  I was driving one of the motor pool vans with a group of members and we ended attempting to follow less than clear directions to the bowling alley.            

            We finally showed up at the alley and I went and sat with my buddy, Amy, who I might add, was being very stubborn.  I sat on a step beside her and she immediately told me to get a chair she also demanded diet coke and after both of those things happened she was instantly happy.  As I was sitting with Amy another buddy managed to trip down a stair and stumble towards the lane, thankfully he was ok.  Amy and I continued talking and she continued bowling.  About fifteen minutes after that other buddy tripped Amy started laughing and said to herself, “he skipped a step, this one” and she pointed in his direction. 

            Obviously, Amy’s intent was not malicious but hearing her say that and then point was so funny I couldn’t help myself.  This is one of those moments where you had to be there, I’m sure but another college member saw the whole thing and both of us found it absolutely hysterical. 

            After seeing Amy have so much fun and say some of the funniest things I forgot about how tired I was and all of the other struggles the day presented.  Whether it was shaking my insides or redirecting energy that made me feel better is not really a concern of mine, rather, the fact is that laughing made me feel 100% better.  

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